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      “Musical Footprints - One City for all”

For 12 consecutive years, “Epilogi”  Cultural Movement of Limassol, organizes a Night of Intercultural Dialogue under the title“Musical Footprints - One City for all”. This festival has become a tradition for the people of our hometown, Limassol.


Since 2018, the festival is dedicated to “World Refugee Day”


The purpose of this international cultural festival is to bring together foreigners living in Cyprus, to highlight their culture through music, dance, food and crafts, as well as to give the people of Limassol the opportunity to get acquainted with the religion, culture and traditions of the participating groups. We invite associations, friendship societies or groups of foreigners living in Cyprus to show and promote their countries to the rest of the Limassol community. It is our hope to create an opportunity for the participants to come together to celebrate and share their rich cultural heritage with the people visiting the festival.


One of the main objectives of the festival is to counteract racism, discrimination and xenophobia. We strongly believe that getting to know people from different cultures fosters mutual respect and understanding among people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.


The festival features international groups and associations. The showcase includes international and multi-ethnic stands, dance and music performances as well as samples of international cuisine. The event provides entertainment as well as an educational experience for the people attending the festival. 


Immigration gives the opportunity to meet people from different cultural and social backgrounds. Apart from our differences, we all have things in common. These common characteristics can become the founding stones for living in harmony, based on equal rights as well as responsibilities.



Countries taking part: 

Argentina, Bulgaria, Colombia, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Hungary, India, the Kurdish community, Mexico, Palestine, Panama,  Philippines, Romania, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Venezuela, Vietnam.


Organised groups taking part:

 Philippino Literary Society, Overseas Filipino Workers Performers Cyprus , Cypro-Hungarian Society of Friendship and Cultural Relations, Dance Ensemble Bulgari - Cypros, Slovenian Consulate in Limassol, Cultural Center of Kurdish ''Theofilos'', Alliance Francaise de Limassol, The Romanian Society in Cyprus, Cyprus-Serbia Friendship Association, St.Katherine's "Agapi", KEPAKY (The Andreas Sofocleous Center for the Provision of Social Services), Intercultural Council of the Limassol Municipality and “Epilogi”  Cultural Movement of Limassol.



Collaborations through the past 12 years


Anna Lindh Foundation, Limassol Municipality, Municipality of Agios Athanasios,  Limassol Intercultural Council, UNHCR Cyprus


Supported by the Program / Project :  2015, 2018, 2019 “Limassol: one city, the whole world” , 2018 “Snapshots From The Borders”

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