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Offstage Virtual Choir


Choir Performers from six countries

- Lebanon, Hungary, Jordan, Greece, France and Cyprus-

unite their voices to perform

the popular Cypriot song "I MILIA"




EPILOGI Cultural Movement - Jeunesses Musicales (JM) Cyprus, in partnership with Euro-Arab Youth Music Center, JM Lebanon, and Youth for Music Association | JM Jordan, present a virtual version of Choral Crossroads for the year 2021.


From the safety of their homes, gardens or a nearby outdoor space, the 42 choir performers of various ages came together virtually from across Lebanon, Hungary, Jordan, Greece, France and Cyprus, with the help of technology and the audiovisual medium. 


Despite the fact that this year the 42 choir members could not come together on a physical stage in Limassol, they practised their verses in their own countries, and united their voices to perform the popular song, "I Milia" in the Cypriot dialect, incorporating cultural elements from the West and the East. 


The offstage virtual choir moved to Youtube for this year, since the performers' physical presence on a stage in Limassol was not possible due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. The power of music crossednational borders, and connected people and their voices.


The music video submitted by each choir member to the organisers was created inside the isolation brought on by the pandemic, but the way in which all the videos were combined - both visually and with sound - aimed at conveying a spirit of solidarity and optimism. The song underlines the deep desire of the human being to reunite with others, both on an individual and on a social level. 


Watch the offstage virtual choir performance here:


Four Part Choral Arrangement by Michael Gregoriou

Directed by: Danae Stylianou

Video Editing: Danae Stylianou & Andreas Christodoulou 

Sound Editing & Mixing: Michael Gregoriou

Violin, Mandolin & Laouto: Andreas Christodoulou 

Accordion: Christina Pissouriou 

Percussions: Panayiotis Stylianidis 

Guitar: Spyros Charalambous

Original song composed by Achilleas Lympouridis (1917 - 2008) 

Lyrics by Anthos Rodinis (1926 - 2004)



Sponsors: Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports & Youth of Cyprus & OPAP Cyprus


A few words about Choral Crossroads:

Choral Crossroads launched in 2011 with live choir concerts in Cyprus and continued in 2013, 2018 and 2019. In the year 2018 Choral Crossroads was honored with the European Year of Cultural Heritage logo by the European Commission. The organisation creates bridges between West and East, through music, combining elements of the musical and cultural heritage of Europe and the Middle East.

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